Saturday, 9 October 2010

Second Week done

Got my last run of the week in today, I've been a bit behind this week as I was too tired on Tuesday to do run 2 and the same on Friday, but the good news is that I didn't give up and today went ok. I'm not sure that I'm making a lot of progress just yet as the increments are really slow but I think I'm feeling a bit fitter and still enjoying it (in a very bizarre way!) so that's all to the good. My diet at the moment is just rubbish, every day I start with good intentions but rarely get through the diet, but if I keep up my running then I don't need to be quite so concerned about the number of calories going in, at the moment I'm more or less staying the same, which will do for now! Although in the long run (no pun intended ha, ha) I do want to lose.

Onwards & upwards!

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Evadne Hatte said...

Well done you :-) Because you're always increasing what you do you'll feel like it's never getting that much easier, it's only when you look back after a few weeks and realise that you could never have done then what you're doing now that you will see how far you've progressed xxxx