Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Do you like my new banner

My lovely and very clever friend Lisa has made a new banner for me (as a fantastic surprise too) how kind is that. I was thrilled to bits with it as I have admired personalised banners for a while but didn't have a clue how to go about doing one myself and didn't want to pay for one either! LOL. So I'm very delighted with Lisa's work and her generous gift of doing it for me. She's just set up a blog all about her banners and designs so if you're interested pop over here - and best of all, she's not charging either!


Allissa (Lisa) said...

Hi ya Jan, you are so welcome poppet. it looks lovely, I didn't want to ver do it as it was a surprise and had only your backing to work on. Not sure whether you wanted it fancy or not. If you want me to add anything let me know have saved it so I can alter if you want.
Thanks for adding blinki for me sweetheart.

Jan, I cant seem to keep up with these challenges. Do you write them down to keep track? lol

Big Hugs

LORi said...

Super nice!!!