Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Check out my tabs!!

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I'm very proud of myself as I've managed to add tabs to my blog - see above - aren't they all shiny and new and don't you just want to click on them - feel free!

Of course I followed a tutorial which laid it all out step by step but even so there's something so scary & so alien when I start changing HTML code & CSS code and all the wonderful & mysterious things that the "clever" people do to change the looks of websites and blogs - all way above my pretty little head I can tell you. I'm very good with my computer and am certainly what I would call computer literate, but what goes on inside heaven only knows and I don't want to know, I leave that to my hubby and sister.

So it's taken a couple of days, some gnashing of teeth & a few scary moments but I've done it and am feel mighty pleased with myself just now!


Cheryl said...

you old clever clogs you hehe have a great day hun hugs cheryl
oh before I forget seen a post that someone did using a blender pen from stampin up any ideas hun xxxxxxxxxxx

Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

good for you! i would soooooo love to do that, but it's gobble de gook to me. now, if i were to SEE how it's done........

great job!


kazzells said...

OOhh Jan get you!!lol! You are so clever, it looks amazing.....I know where to come for help!! I needs lots!! lol. Hope all ok will spk soon


kazzells said...

P.s.Just wanted to say I just had a peek at your website it looks really impressive too!! You have been so busy Jan!!

take care

Lisa aka Allissa said...

Hi ya sweetheart. You clever mrs you!
Looks great babe & obviously working!

Luv ya loads.

pinky said...

Well done you, everytime I go to change something I end up wrecking it lol.

Terry Oulboub said...

Jan, that really is an accomplishment (and they work well, too). I've been trying to get up the nerve to add tabs but it was enough learning html code to change the entire face of one blog. I'm like you - totally computer literate and can do a LOT on the pc but it is mentally draining. Good job that you added the tabs!! It's encouraging to others! ;p

Donna said...

Well done Jan, I definitely enjoyed clicking on your tabs and such a great addition to your already wonderful blog :) Donna x

Maria Matter said...

lol, cute post Jan! Good for you!!! the tabs look great! :)

blessings, Maria

Sweet 'N' Crafty Gal said...

yay!!! welcome to the world of html and css!!! it takes time and a few f's n s's but its fairly simple once ya get the hang!!! wooo hooo!!! tabs are fab hun!!! xxx