Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Someone leave me a comment please

I want to see if it's working, a few people have told me they've not been able to post a comment to my blog lately and I've just taken off the word verification as I had a problem with that on someone else's blog, so hopefully that'll sort it.

Now if I don't get any comments I won't know whether it's because it's not working or I'm Billy-no-mates! LOL

So someone, somewhere, say something (or send me an email, pm on crafts forum if you still can't leave a comment)


Jan x


Sarah-Jane said...

Hellooooooo, echo, echo..... lol !!! Hope this helps......
Sarah-Jane xx

JanJ said...

thank you, I'm not alone LOL.

Jan xx

Kiamyka said...

Hi Jan If you see this it's working lol
xx Chris