Sunday, 8 February 2009

The Show's Over

And for once that's not a bad thing. I'm usually quite sad when a show comes to an end, it's usually been months of work & the three nights of the show always goes so quickly. But I didn't overly enjoy this play, I only had a small part, which I don't mind, but it did mean a lot of hanging around doing nothing & I never really got "into" the play. Plus of course the weather's been so awful & it's been a drag having to go down to a (cold) hall for rehearsals. So it's all done & dusted and I'm glad to say it seemed to go down well & we had good audience numbers, in spite of the weather. Had the usual aftershow party last night, at a local pub, I had two large glasses of red, and was quite tiddly, but enjoyed relaxing with other cast members & having a good old chinwag with them! They really are a lovely bunch of luvvies!!

So here's a picture of me dressed as Irene Riggs, in Cause Celebre, it's set in the 30's, hence the delightful dress! Not a brilliant picture as my legs look really short and stumpy - nice! But you get the idea:

We've got a reading for the next play, a comedy, on Thursday, so looking forward to that & seeing what part I get and which play we do.

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