Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Surf's Up!

I haven't gone mad, yes I do live in land-locked Shropshire but today I've been a surfing! I received my new Bodi-Tek surfboard, which is the latest gadget in my collection of amazing exercise equipment that I'm definately, absolutely going to use and get fit! Honest! This is good though, it's basically a small surfboard that shakes & moves around from side to side & front to back, you have stand on it and that's it, you have to retain your balance and it's enough to give you a good workout, now I liked the sound of that, working out without working too hard - that's right up my street!

So it arrived today, I plugged it in & stood on it for about 10 mins and can really feel the muscles I've worked in my legs & butt, especially my calf muscles, it'll be interesting to see how I feel tomorrow. So it's a new, leaner, fitter me then (in a day or two obviously, give it a chance!). Let's hope this one doesn't end up on eBay like the rest of my equipment (am currently selling a ski-machine & a bike/walker type thingy if anyone's interested).

Pic of Bodi-Tek:

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