Monday, 16 March 2009

The good, the bad & the possibility

The good - was my first ever Stampin' Up! workshop which I held on Friday, I really enjoyed doing it (although was soooo nervous beforehand) but I think it all went down well, the evening was fun & the guests seemed to enjoy themselves. They all liked the SU products and all bought something, so I very excitedly sent off my first order to SU on Saturday.

The bad - was the craft fair I did on Sunday at Cosford - what a let down. I don't know if it was advertised beforehand but there was not a single poster or sign indicating the fair was on, not even for visitors already coming to the museum for a day out, nothing to tell them there was a craft fair on. Results, plenty of people mooching about, but very few seemed to have come with a purpose to look (and buy) from a craft fair. Sales were very poor and talking to other stall holders there, it was the same for everyone. Will be letting the organisers know my disappointment!

The possibility - is that some good may come from the Craft Fair as I had a SU enquiry, I put a notice about hosting a workshop on my table along with a catalogue and had an enquiry from someone who did seem genuinely interested. If this comes to fruition, then it will at least make yesterday worthwhile.


Steph said...

I'm pleased your workshop went so well Jan - sounds like you enjoyed it :)
Shame about the fair but fingers crossed a workshop comes of it :) xxx

Lorraine Robertson said...

Oh honey so sorry to hear about the craft fair but hey well done you on hosting your first SU party... here's to many more.

Lorraine xxx