Friday, 27 March 2009

Tag! You're it

I've been tagged quite a few times recently & have been very lapse in posting my tags & tagging back! So first of all a couple of photo tag games, the first one is from Collette at Noodlefish (and I thoroughly recommend a look at her work, her button jewellery is fantastic). So the rules are go to your photo's stored on your 'puter, find the 6th folder then the 6th photo in it & post. So here's photo no. 1
Now I don't make a habit of dressing like this, but it's from my Amateur Dramatics folder and this was taken a couple of years ago for a play I was in called "An Inspector Calls"
For the second game, I was tagged by Heather and her game is to find the 4th picture in the 4th folder and here it is:

This a picture of me & my gorgeous girlie Georgia taken in 2006 in Tenerife.
So I now have to pass the tag on and I'm going to tag:
Get those pics out girls, as I've chosen 6 then you'll need to play the 6 game I reckon


Donna said...

Great pictures Jan, An Inspector Calls is one of my all time favourite films, especially with Alistair Sims in it :) Donna x

Tip Top said...

Agggghhh! Mind you, I don't think there will be any photos of me hehehehe!!