Tuesday, 14 April 2009

I didn't give blood today

But planned to - went along to my local session only to find my iron levels were too low to give blood today and I can't donate for at least another three months. They were only just below the minimum, so apparently it's nothing to worry about & the nurse said I wouldn't need to see a Dr. I've been dieting (quite strictly) lately so it's probably down to that so I'm not concerned and now I'm eating quite healthily again, I'm certain it will all get back to normal. Only trouble was I had the finger prick test, which showed my levels were low, so then they took some blood from my arm to test more thoroughly, so I didn't donate any blood, but still had two needles - ouch!

Ironically tomorrow I'm taking my daughter Georgia back to the Dr's for the results of her blood test as he thinks she may be anaemic, as she's very tired and lethargic all the time - what a pair!

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